James Budreau is a partner at the boutique Boston firm Bassil, Klovee & Budreau. Jim manages the criminal litigation group along with Janice Bassil. Both Jim and Janice specialize in complex criminal trials, appeals and related civil litigation throughout Massachusetts and the Northeast. They also practice family law. Their Boston criminal lawyers litigate:

  • Financial crimes including mortgage, bank and tax fraud
  • Technology based crimes and forensic investigations
  • Homicide, manslaughter and other crimes against the person
  • Complex conspiracies and narcotic trafficking cases
  • Specialize in Federal trials and appeals
  • Cases where mental health issues are central to the defense
  • Sex offenses including rape and computer related crimes
  • Juveniles charged with serious offenses including homicide

James Budreau, who taught at Harvard Law School, has been trying and winning complex criminal cases for the last twenty years. Known for cutting edge use of technology and forensic experts, exhaustive investigations and effective trial tactics, Mr. Budreau has successfully defended clients charged in courtrooms throughout Massachusetts and federal courts throughtout the country. Jim is a founding member of BK&B.

Boston, Massachusetts • Burlington, Vermont
Portland, Maine • Concord, New Hampshire
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  • Federal Criminal Lawyers
    Federal criminal law and procedure is complicated and takes years for practitioners to master. Bassil, Klovee & Budreau (BK&B) have handled some of the biggest federal cases in Boston and are considered specialists in federal criminal law.
  • Client Focus
    Unlike the big firms, our partners do not simply meet and greet then hand you over to an associate. We deal directly with the client and represent them at every phase of their case.
  • Innovation and Legal Trends
    BK&B is constantly monitoring legal trends and litigating novel legal issues. We are always evaluating the pulse of the Supreme Court and diagnosing what archaic legal theories can be overturned. From litigating cell phone privacy issues and computer encryption code access to synthesizing hundreds of thousands of documents in business crime prosecutions, we truly are a modern criminal law firm.
  • Experienced Litigators
    Our lawyers have litigated hundreds of cases ranging from complex financial crimes and narcotics conspiracies to homicides, sexual assaults and oui's. We are specialized in criminal trial work and investigate cases aggressively and pursue leads and defenses to the advantage of our clients.