Bassil, Klovee & Budreau (BK&B) specialize in federal and state criminal defense in Boston and throughout the counrty. They represent both individuals and corporations at the pre indictment, trial, appellate and post conviction phases of criminal cases. We regularly consult with civil litigation firms and corporations who are concerned that regulatory violations or internal misconduct might raise Fifth Amendment concerns. BK&B also have a full family law practice that represents high net worth clients and a general civil litigation group that focuses on tort, business and employment law issues such as discriminatory practices by employers and fraud.

Attorneys James Budreau and Janice Bassil manage BK&B's criminal practice together and are considered to be top litigators in the Boston area. Individually, they are experienced and aggressive litigators who seek the best possible results for their clients. As a team, they are considered to be the most formidable adversaries. Their specialties include:

  • Financial crimes including mortgage, bank and tax fraud, corporate kickbacks, etc.
  • Homicide, manslaughter and other crimes against the person
  • Complex federal conspiracies including narcotics, Hobbs Act violations and financial crimes
  • State felonies and misdemeanors including OUI's, assault and battery, drug offenses and domestic disputes, etc.
  • Technology and computer based crimes
  • Cases where mental health issues and forensic experts are central to the defense
  • Sex offenses including assaults and computer related crimes
  • Defense of juveniles in all matters

James Budreau, who taught at Harvard Law School, was recently recognized by Martindale Hubbell as a premier white collar defense litigator. Attorney Budreau regularly represents clients charged with complex federal crimes involving allegations of health care, tax, bank and mail fraud. Over the last twenty years, he has tried and won many complex criminal cases including an acquittal in federal court for a business man accused of using his business to launder illicit profits, two separate homicide cases for the same client and a television producer accused of drug distribution. Attorney Budreau recently won a landmark appeal in juvenile law before the Massachusetts Supreme Judcial Court. He has a reputation for taking on and winning some of the toughest cases and federal appeals in Boston.

Janice Bassil is also known for litigating and winning tough cases including a NGI (not guilty by reason of insanity) in a homicide and acquittals in multiple rape cases for the same client. She has tried numerous landmark federal and state cases and is considered one of the most creative criminal trial lawyers in the field. Attorney Bassil is often recognized by her peers for her trial skills and was recently awarded Lawyer of the Year. Attorney Bassil has litigated some of the most high profile state and federal cases in massachusetts including defending John Salvi and Terek Mehanna.

The BK&B team applies cutting edge defenses, aggressively challenges entrenched legal precedents and employs the best forensic experts when trying or appealing a case. BK&B's core mission is to obtain the best possible result in each and every case for our clients based using our collective experience, focused legal strategies and proven advocacy. Other examples of our work include:

  • Litigating and winning complex criminal cases in federal court.
  • Presenting creative defenses in federal court including the use of the First Amendment for a client accused of aiding terrorism through the internet.
  • Winning multiple homicide cases including one where an Olympian'sbrother was accused of manslaughter and another using the "insanity" defense.
  • Convincing the Massachusetts Supreme Court to dismiss statutory rape charges in Bernardo B. based upon selective enforcement of such cases against juvenile males.
  • Convincing the First Circuit Court of Appeals that a drug conviction should be overturned because of improper prosecutorial conduct.
  • Landmark wins in juvenile law. See Brown and Bernardo B.
  • Litigating and winning narcotics and related criminal cases in state and federal court.
  • Winning their last eight sexual assault cases.
  • Acquittals in cases ranging from OUI cases to complex federal cases.

Whether your case involves an OUI or complex federal charges, call BK&B at (617)366-2200 and ask for James Budreau for a free consultation to discuss how your case can be defended.

Click here for more information about BK&B. Contact James Budreau at (617)366-2200. After hours emergencies contact (617)276-7385

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    Over 25 years of experience trying complex federal and state criminal cases throughout the Northeast. Handle appeals and post convicton matters in state and federal court.
    Acquittals i n our last eight sexual assault trials. Acquittals in state and federal court accusing clients of crimes ranging from corporate malfeasance and homicide to narcotic conspiracies and state OUI's and other misdemeanors.
    Successful use of NGI in first degree murder trial. Successfully litigated cell phone data location issue. Raised juvenile life without parole issue pre Miller v. Alabama in several 1st degree murder cases and successfully litigated seminal case before the SJC. First to challenge GJ subpoenas demanding computer password in federal court. Represented federal client accused of aiding terrorism using 1st Amendment defense.
    Successfully litigated appeals before the Massachusetts Appeals Court and Supreme Judicial Court as well as the First Circuit and Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Vacated multiple state convictions and represent clients in habeas petitions and certiorari petitions before the U.S. Supreme Court.
    We deal directly with the client and represent them at every critical phase of their case. We care about our clients and pursue outcomes that reflect our expertise, experience and the client's needs. Our rates are reasonable and we offer an exceptional alternative to the big firms who put billing ahead of the client.